SERVICES admin March 26, 2023

In accordance with our license, we service our clients in two main ways:


Tax advise to our national and international clients under German tax law. This includes tax declarations and tax advice in mergers and acquisitions or sale and purchase projects as well as in tax litigation. On the shipping side, we advise our clients on German Tonnage Tax and Insurance Premium Tax aspects. In international tax matters, we cooperate with the tax advisors from our network and our cooperation partners. 


We assist our national and international clients in single and double-sided trust/escrow arrangements by providing trust/escrow accounts and taking care of the releases in line with the previous agreed conditions in accordance with the trust/escrow agreements. For each escrow matter we use new separated trust accounts and not block / serial accounts. We open the account, often on short notice, once the KYC (Know Your Client) check is conducted by us.

We often act as international escrow agents in connection with the sale of ships, aeroplanes, companies and real estate but also in connection with any claims in a dispute.

In trust/escrow matters we cooperate with the ANCON BLUE CONSULTANCY as our servicer for the necessary arrangements and with a well-known German shipping bank as the trust bank, whereby last year 140 escrow matters were handled with almost 700 million Euro in escrow.